Goodbye P1s, Hello P2s!

Good morning everyone! It is the first day back to school today and I just wanted to wish all the lovely new P2s a very happy start to the school year.

Some of you will be returning to my class and some of you are moving on to some wonderful new teachers – but don’t worry you will only be next door, so make sure you come and say hi!

See you bright and early at 9.00am!

A special thank you to all the extremely generous parents and families of P1A. Your gifts were truly special and I felt very touched by all your lovely messages and cards.

I’ll sign this off with a lovely photo of our last week together… (I bet you have all grown lots over the holidays!)

A Massive Thank You

To all the pupils and parents of P1B, a huge Thank You for a wonderful year. It has been a real privilege teaching such a wonderful bunch of children in their very first year of Primary School. I have loved every minute of it. You are all very special and destined for amazing things P1. Thank you also to all parents for all your support all year. I hope you all enjoy your holidays and can’t wait to see you all when you come back as P2s.

Have fun,

Mrs Macaulay

P1B’s Gardening Fun

we were so excited to go to our raised bed today. Our sweet peas have grown pea pods! How exciting. We know we can’t eat them but we were excited to look inside the pod and see what was inside. Our beetroot , lettuce and leeks are growing really well so we got rid of all our weeds to help them thrive. Unfortunately our cucumbers weren’t hardy enough so we would like to try and grow them again in P2.

P1 Trip

We are happy to announce we have managed to reschedule our P1 trip for Tuesday 2nd July. We would be delighted if you would like to join us as a parent helper, please let Miss Shimmield, Miss Grant or Mrs Macaulay know if you can join us.