Outstanding Achievements in P1B

Well done to Seumas and Kallie for their amazing achievements at Tae Kwon Do and Tricks and Tumbles this week. It’s great to hear all your achievements out with school. Well done you two!!

P1B and P4/5 Test their bath bombs

P4/5 came to visit again today to see how well we had achieved making our bath bomb. We decided to test them out in either cold water or warm water and talk about what we see and if there was a difference. There were fantastic conversations taking place about what we could see, what was happening and why and talking about the difference in the temperatures.

It was brilliant to buddy up and have some help and we were all so excited to show our P4/5 friends our role play areas and play together for a while. I think P4/5 enjoyed free play just as much as P1.


The chosen theme for science this week is experimenting with carbon dioxide and at Early Level, we have been exploring bubbles. How are bubbles made? How can we make bigger bubbles? Where do bubbles go when you pop them?

Furthermore, it is also whole school writing this week. The theme is “bubble magic”. Have a chat with someone at home about what you would do if you were stuck inside a bubble? Would you go an adventure? Would you float up to space? Would you try to find a way to pop the bubble to get out?

Making Musical Instruments

As part of Science week this week, as well as looking at experiments that create carbon dioxide and bubbles, we started to explore sounds and vibrations created by musical instruments. We loved all the different ways to make sound and vibrations so made a our own musical instruments.

We loved making our own bands to perform with them too.